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The Walled Patio Garden Design

The Brief

To transform a dull dark patio area, enclosed on all sides by high walls. The client worked from home frequently and was fed up with looking out on such a boring area. The client also enjoyed having a garden space but was at a loss to do anything with it.

The brief was to turn the area into a more visually attractive and interesting space to entertain and work in and generally enjoy.

The Budget


The Work

A rough initial sketch was produced and costings were agreed.

All existing border areas with limited existing planting were overhauled and pruned back to a manageable state, more in keeping with the overall structure of the area.

A series of moon gate trellis and linking trellis sections were installed along the longest wall facing the house/conservatory, with circular mirrors mounted behind the apertures. This immediately had the effect of bouncing light and reflection back in the area and making it feel larger.

Large reflective metallic planters stocked with large plant specimens were strategically positioned, again creating a feel of light and reflection across the area.

The plant selection was made to provide a sense of the exotic, shape, colour and structure. Climbers were also strategically placed to clothe the high walls with colour and greenery, once they mature. A series of wire support systems were installed to facilitate their expansion.

The Result

A dark claustrophobic patio area was transformed into a delightful place to relax and entertain in. A simple concept was carefully applied to break up and invigorate a boring expanse of wall, providing a view to enjoy, immediate impact, and instilling light and depth to replace the gloom.

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