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Garden Overhaul & Maintenance Services

There is no such thing as a no-maintenance garden and even a low-maintenance garden needs attention.

Lifestyles now are such that getting to grips with the garden at the weekend having spent eight or more hours at work each day is not the most appealing of prospects.

In relatively little time, a garden can get so overgrown that it is difficult to know where to start actually bringing it back under control.

That's where our overhaul service comes in — if your garden looks like a jungle but shouldn't, if your garden has exploded into growth and needs reining back, or just through lack of time the plants have expanded beyond their allotted space and you are feeling hemmed in, we can bring it back to where it should be: contained, manageable and above all enjoyable.

Equally in maintenance terms, the old adage '...little and often...' makes so much sense.  No garden needs to be that overwhelming. If a little time is spent on a regular basis it is easy to keep the garden structured, manageable and under control — a much easier prospect for you to come home to.

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