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Exotic Planting in Greenwich

The Brief

A lovely three storey terraced Victorian property in the heart of Greenwich, the garden was a typical rectangular lawn with tramline borders on both sides.

The owner had a great interest in plants, particular more exotic varieties. With high fences and walls on either side the garden was sufficiently protected to provide a space to experiment with a wide range of plant exotica, particularly in these times of climate change .

Keeping a lawn was a must, as was extending the existing inadequate patio for entertaining, providing a ’secret garden’ type area, and creating a water feature. Overall the new design needed to provide an area where the client could wander barefoot and which was safe and child-friendly.

The Budget


The Work

A full design was produced, agreed and costings were drawn up, within budget.

All the existing border areas were stripped with salvageable planting moved to holding beds - all other planting was removed from site and disposed of. All the existing poor turf areas were taken out and removed from site and all the climbing plants were trimmed back to their main stem network to bring them under control.

The new design was measured out on to the plot with peg and line. The new extended patio was measured out, with new foundations being dug. A sharp sand and cement base was put into place. The patio was then laid out, with new paving slabs cut to shape and bedded in. New retaining wall footings were put into place and allowed to set. The new retaining wall was then bedded in.

Several tons of organic soil improver were dug out and carried through by bucket and spread across new lawn and border areas. Sleepers were sliced up to build new ‘secret garden’ area and sleeper steps were made through to the rill and lawn area. The rill was constructed, using a liner framework and with sleepers stepping through.

A simple pergola was built, using a quarter circle design built into the sleeper ‘seated area’ — the secret garden. Next a second water feature was installed. This is a bubble pond surrounded by grasses and exotic planting.

Finally other exotic planting including bananas, tree ferns, cannas were laid out and bedded in. These all add impact and become immediate features, .

The Result

A standard rectangular back plot was totally transformed in to a vibrant, exotic and inviting living space, with a rich lushness and eye-catching appeal within a practical and readily-maintained structure.

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