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Large Landscaped Garden Design

The Brief

This large garden sat on a steeply sloping site; a previous designer dug a huge hole in the middle of the garden and promptly left, leaving the garden in an unusable and dangerous state, full of debris left over from bomb damage during the war and overgrown to the point of making access to parts of the site almost impossible.

The clients, both busy professionals, enjoyed entertaining and had an interest in gardening as long as they were not overwhelmed. In terms of style they had a preference for bringing a country garden feel to the space, with colour, scent, structure and year-round interest. The garden would need to provide a space to relax in and entertain in but also be relatively easy to maintain.

The Budget

£15, 000 - £20,000

The Work

The shrub was cleared, the slope dug out, with soil redistributed to create terraces down to the bottom of the garden.

The terrace nearest the house was paved in Indian Sandstone with a retaining wall, lit to give a porthole effect along it's extent.

Wide steps were installed down into the largest section of the garden, with sweeping lawn framed by big herbaceous borders, shrubs and trees.

The lowest terrace was partially trellised off to provide privacy and screen the shed.

Steps again led into this last section of the garden, where a circular patio provided a further seating area, hidden away from the rest of the garden with woodland planting and trees, to provide shade and protection from the hot summer sun together with privacy and escape. In addition, this area housed a utility area for shed,and composting.

The Result

A derelict, unused space on an impossible slope was transformed into a unique and exciting garden.

The garden was divided into a series of different levels that provided distinct areas for entertaining and relaxing. Large borders gave the garden a lovely cottage feel with herbaceous planting providing colour, scent and structure. Trees and shrubs provided all year round structure and form.

After years of not being used, the garden finally became a space to be enjoyed again.


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