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Garden Design with a View in Diss

The Brief

This was a large garden, but a garden that felt enclosed and claustrophobic and much smaller than it actually was. It was divided into sections with the central section being an ugly tarmac parking area.

The clients wanted the whole area opened up, making better use of the space, and the creation of a new parking area in a less dominant part of the garden. They asked for the view to be extended to take in the whole of the garden.

The Budget


The Work

A rough initial sketch was produced and costs agreed.

Having marked out the new layout, demolition work started, with the fence panels, shed and compost bin areas all removed. The tarmac came up, along with cement bases and all foundation materials. Where the lawn was to be replaced it was stripped out and the waste removed in skips.

The external boundary had salvaged fence panels installed, with new rear gate for easy access. New driveway gates were installed into the relocated parking area and a series of trellis sections were placed to block off the new parking and utility area but still allowing a view through.

The whole area was covered with a membrane and gravelled. Bins and compost stacks were relocated into this ‘utility’ area. The old tarmac area was replaced with riven paving, matching the existing paved area. The existing border area was extended through, giving continuity and a natural flow to the garden.

The paving was further extended to create pathways, flowing from one area to the next, again for continuity and natural flow.

New border areas were created as well as a large rustic-look herb wheel to break up the paving and add interest.

The Result

With all barriers removed the garden had lost it’s closed-in feel and it was now no longer dominated by the parking area.

Instead the new patio gave an area to relax in, new borders where the clients would indulge their interest in plants and an open, attractive area which now worked as a whole rather than in disjointed, ugly portions.

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